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Last Updated 02/23/2023


Beijing Commercial Real Estate for Rent or Sale

Century Real Estate Beijing is the leading online Beijing commercial real estate network, connecting Beijing commercial real estate property owners and brokers to tenants, brokers and investors. Century Real Estate Beijing offers Beijing commercial real estate products and services catering to the national and local needs of the commercial real estate industry. Century Real Estate Beijing specializes in all Beijing commercial real estate property categories including Beijing office space, Beijing executive suites, Beijing commercial land, Beijing industrial real estate, Beijing retail space, Beijing businesses for sale, Beijing commercial real estate for lease and Beijing commercial real estate for sale.


CBD Center 2400sqm 4th floor, RMB11/sqm/day


Shopping Mall in CBD, 2600sqm RMB6/sqm/day


Shopping Mall within 4th ring road, 3900sqm, RMB4/sqm/day



Street Commercial in Wangfujing, 3rd floor, RMB10/sqm/day


3000sqm in Wangjing, RMB10/sqm/day


Apartment shopping complex in center CBD, 2300sqm, RMB16/sqm/day


Office Complex 1st floor commercial in CBD, 3200sqm, RMB9/sqm/day


West Dawanglu in CBD area, 3188sqm 3 floors, RMB6.5/sqm/day, RMB553,583/month



Near Joycity, Chaoyang North Road, 3500sqm

1st Floor RMB11/sqm/day, 2nd Floor RMB6/sqm/day, basement 600sqm RMB4/sqm/day


Shuangjing area in CBD, 2600sqm, 2 floors, RMB7/sqm/day, 5 minutes to subway


Panjiayuan in CBD, near Subway, 2400sqm, RMB6.5/sqm/day, 3 floors, by 3rd riing road


Near Happy Valley, 2500sqm above ground, RMB7.5/sqm/day plus basement 1500sqm RMB2/sqm/day


Jiuxianqiao area, standard gym area with swimming pool, RMB2.8/sqm/day


Chaoyang Park area, with 800sqm roof garden

1st floor 1000sqm RMB15/sqm/day, 2nd floor 1600sqm RMB12.5/sqm/day

3rd floor 800sqm RMB12.5/sqm/day, basement RMB12.5/sqm./day


West Dawanglu, CBD area, 2300sqm, 2 floors


South-east of Guomao China World, 2400sqm, RMB13/sqm/day, with water pipes, gas, ceiling height 4.5m


Chaoyang North Road, 2 floors, 2585sqm RMB4.5/sqm/day


North of Wanda Plaza in CBD, 3000sqm RMB11/sqm/day,


Beijing Commercial Property 1


This project  is located in Asia Games Village, close to the line 5 subway, more than 20 buses through there. The total space area is 23,000sqm include 1 base floor and 3 ground floors for shopping, restaurant, entertainment and leisure . Total 4 floors of commercial sites for sale, RMB15,000/sqm. If purchase separately, price will be higher.

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物业设施:中央空调、上下水、煤气管道、地下停车位、专业物业管理 (Property facilities: Central aircon, gas pipe, underground parking space, professional property management).


Beijing Commercial Property 2

此项目位于CBD中央商务区内,紧临朝外商业圈及第一使馆区,周边邻有国际公寓及购物中心。 This project is in CBD area, close to the chaowai business center and first embassy area, with shopping centers and international residential apartments around.

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Beijing Commercial Property 3

此项目紧临朝外大街、处于CBD与使馆区的合围之中,国家外交部、丰联广场、泛利大厦、蓝岛大厦、中国人寿大厦等众多城市经典建筑分布于项目周边,商业繁华、商务气氛浓厚,交通便捷,商机无限。占地面积4.2公顷,总建筑面积近20万平方米,雄踞白宫级的钻石地段,为京城目前规模最为宏大的巴洛克模范建筑群,由写字楼、公寓、商铺、集合式 HOUSE、别墅、雕塑广场等各部分组成,繁华街区少有的低容积率,独具国际风采的复合型综合社区。地标级的位置及领先的高端配置,使其荣登京城乃至国内豪宅之首的宝座。

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  • Floor Area:4.2 hectare.

  • Architectural:200,000square meters

  • Function :office tower, shops, apartments and villa

  • This project in chaoyangmen.

  • Baroque style architecture, ellipse shaped offices.

  • Shopping street and office towers

  • Royal residence, villa, sculpture square

  • International style community with a total area of 200,000square meters

Century Real Estate Beijing is your #1 source for Beijing Commercial Real Estate, Beijing Office Space, Beijing Businesses For Sale, Beijing Industrial Property, and Beijing Retail Property.


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Beijing Century Real Estate is the leading Beijing real estate agency company, connecting Beijing real estate property owners and brokers to tenants, brokers and investors. Beijing Century Real Estate offers Beijing real estate products and services catering to the expatriate and local needs of the Beijing real estate industry. Beijing Century Real Estate specializes in all the Beijing property categories including Beijing apartment, Beijing villa, Beijing house, Beijing courtyard, Beijing residential real estate, Beijing office, Beijing commercial property, Beijing executive suites, Beijing commercial real estate, Beijing industrial property, and Beijing businesses for rent and for sale. Beijing Century Real Estate is your #1 Beijing real estate agency for Beijing residential properties including Beijing apartment, villa and courtyard for rent and for sale, and commercial real estate and commercial property including Beijing office, industrial property, retail property and businesses for rent and for sale.  

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